‘Call the cops!’ Oxford police investigating after man enters student’s bedroom, leaves through window

Intruder breaks into student's bedroom

OXFORD, Ohio (FOX19) - A college student recently reported that an intruder broke into her bedroom, and now Oxford Police are investigating the incident.

Anastasia Nelson, a Miami University student, spent several semesters living in a home on West Withrow Street in Oxford. Early Saturday morning, Nelson said she was sleeping at the house -- after packing up to head home for the summer -- when a disturbance interrupted her sleep. It happened around 3 a.m.

“I heard someone bust through my bedroom door, and I saw this phone light flashing in my face, and the guy was just screaming at me ‘Call the cops! Call the cops!’” said Nelson.

The man’s erratic and unusual behavior led Nelson to believe that he was likely on drugs.

“He was saying that someone was after him, specifically someone from the CIA, so I could tell he wasn’t fully in his right mind,” said Nelson.

Nelson said she convinced the stranger to move to another room across the hall. Then, she said she heard a startling sound coming from that room.

“I went over, and I had opened the door, and the window of the bedroom across the hall was open, and the screen was punched out,” said Nelson.

The intruder, Nelson said, had left out a window. She called police and her parents to tell them what had taken place.

Investigators, a report shows, arrived at the home and inspected the scene. They said the man did leave behind some evidence -- his shoes.

Nelson, who is now back home in northeast Ohio, hopes that sharing her story will inspire other students to step up their own security.

“He wasn’t there with any intent to hurt me or take anything, but if that hadn’t been the case, this would be a totally different story right now,” said Nelson. “Something like this can happen literally anywhere, and even if you think it couldn’t happen to you, it doesn’t ever hurt to be prepared.”

Nelson said she spoke with a detective who told her that police have identified the suspect, and it is someone known to law enforcement. The man’s name has not been released, but charges could be coming.

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