Norwood police make drug bust near school after 45-day undercover investigation

Norwood drug task force makes big bust

NORWOOD, Ohio (FOX19) - An undercover drug investigation in Norwood led to at least one arrest on Thursday.

Norwood police said a home on Elsmere Avenue has been a hot spot for illegal activity. After receiving an anonymous tip about it, the Norwood Drug Task Force investigated near the property for 45 days. Police said officers in street clothes spent hours watching and working.

“We sat on the house,” said Sgt. David Lewis with Norwood police. “We developed the information and were able to conduct purchases.”

Lewis said the property is located near an elementary school, which led to them expediting the investigation.

Police served a search warrant at the property on Thursday. Police said they found needles, weapons and numerous kinds of drugs, including heroin and meth, inside. The saddest part, Lewis said, is that children were living inside the home. Children’s Services is now involved.

“Unfortunately, there were two small children involved -- a 9-month-old and a 2-year-old -- which you never get used to in our position,” said Lewis.

Police believe the bust is a big relief for neighbors. Lewis said that drug dealers attract drug users which can lead to more crimes being committed, especially thefts.

"They see open doors. They see open garage doors or laptops, charges lying in open cars, and they just help themselves to those,” said Lewis.

Investigators are encouraging neighbors to keep reporting anything suspicious that they see.

"It sends a message to other people who intend to set up in a house or a residence such as this and distribute narcotics that we have a community that cares. We have a community that’s involved,” said Lewis.

At least one person is facing criminal charges connected to the bust including drug trafficking and having weapons under disability. Police have not released the names of those involved, but say more charges are expected.

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