Reds fire back at Pirates after Eugenio Suarez hit by pitch

David Bell: ‘We’ve got to take matters into our own hands’

Reds fire back at Pirates after Eugenio Suarez hit by pitch

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - The Pirates beat the Reds 7-2 on Wednesday to split the four-game series, but that wasn’t the story after the game following another incident in the rivalry that escalated in the eighth inning.

Eugenio Suarez was hit in the hand by a pitch thrown by the Pirates Clay Holmes. Suarez walked towards the mound and exchanged words with Holmes before he left the game with an injury to his left hand. Reds manager David Bell was ejected a fourth time this season for coming to the defense of Suarez.

“We’re not going to get protected,” said Bell. “So, we’ve got to do whatever we can -- take matters into our hands. It’s unfortunate that our players aren’t getting protected and that’s been made clear. And, we know that team will intentionally throw at people.”

Bell told Fox19 Now and other media present that initial tests were “negative” on Saurez’s left hand. Bell also defended Suarez for his decision to walk towards the mound.

“I’m going to make sure our players know they need to protect themselves with any means necessary -- whatever that takes," said Bell. "Somebody’s messing with your livelihood, your career, who knows? You’ve got to protect yourselves. Clearly we’re not going to be protected by the umpires and the league. That’s been made clear. For some reason, we think it’s okay to throw at people.”

Suarez said he confronted Holmes to ask why he threw at him.

“It made me mad because nobody wants to get hit,” said Suarez. "We have to do something to protect ourselves.”

“Yeah, that’s not cool,” said Anthony DeSclafani. “It’s no good to see that kind of stuff. Hopefully this thing can be put to rest.”

The Reds and Pirates meet again for a three-game series in Cincinnati beginning on Monday, July 29.

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