See a motherless fawn in your yard? Don’t call animal control

See a motherless fawn in your yard? Don’t call animal control
Don't fret about motherless fawns in your yard this summer; she'll be back for it. (Courtesy: Oxford Police Department) (Source: Oxford Police Department)

OXFORD, Ohio (FOX19) - Wondering why there’s a seemingly neglected fawn camped out in your backyard this summer? The Oxford Police Department says not to worry; its mom is coming back.

Police advise homeowners not to call animal control when they see a baby deer nestled in the grass, because it’s all part of the mama deer’s parenting tactics.

When fawns are born in the first few months of summer, their mothers purposefully leave them around homes, backyards or flower beds, police say.

Why? It keeps them safe from predators, according to a Facebook post from the department.

Every Spring and Summer, the OPD animal control officers get calls from concerned residents about abandoned fawns in...

Posted by City of Oxford, Ohio - Division of Police on Monday, June 3, 2019

“Fawns are born almost without any scent at all which helps them remain undetected by predators,” the post reads. “The mom has got her natural scent going on which does attract predators and is why she does not spend too much time with her baby.”

Try to avoid going out to check on these cute critters, police say, because it’ll only attract more potential predators.

So when should you call animal control? Only if it appears to be sick or injured, if the mother has been struck by a car, or if it’s been bleating for several hours and the mama deer hasn’t been back to check on it in the past day.

Police encourage concerned Oxford residents to call the department at (513) 524-5240 with any questions.

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