Chilly Tuesday morning ahead (Jupiter visible overnight)

Chilly Tuesday morning ahead

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - With lower humidity, Monday night into Tuesday will cool into the middle and upper 40s in most parts of the Tri-State.

Along with the cool dry air comes good visibility and that will make it a good night to view Jupiter. By 1:30AM the planet will be high in the sky and due south. It sets in the southwest sky around 6AM. Temperatures in the 40s on this date are not unusual. During the first few Mornings in May normal low temperatures are in the upper 40s and air that cool is not uncommon early in June. The record low temperature this morning is 39° which was set in 1972. Today is the latest date in the season with a record low temperature in the 30s. The next one comes our way September 14th. After a chilly start, today will be sunny and pleasant. Wet weather will return Wednesday evening and continue into Thursday afternoon. Friday will be dry, sunny and nice again but showers are back for Saturday through Monday. Daytime highs will remain either at or slightly below average through the weekend.

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