Dog rescued after being abandoned in ‘filthy, horrible’ basement of vacant house

Young dog abandoned in rotting vacant home

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - A young dog that rescuers said was abandoned in a dirty, rotting vacant home is now getting a second shot at life.

Over the weekend, rescuers with Queen City Bulldog Rescue noticed that someone had made a social media post about a dog that needed help in a Cincinnati rescue Facebook group. The post stated that the dog was locked in a Cincinnati area basement and needed assistance.

Sarah Adams and Randi Ketteler, coordinators with the rescue, took action Sunday. They said they found the dog, Gracie, living inside an abandoned home. The 2-year-old bulldog was locked away in the basement, they said, hungry and surrounded by filth, including her own waste.

“It was just dark, dungey, sad, scary, so definitely something an animal should not live in," Adams said.

Rescuers believe Gracie’s owner had been breeding her, but no longer wanted her, so he left her in the dilapidated house. They said he fed Gracie by dumping dog food on the floor every few days.

Ketteler said she would not have survived much longer.

“The feces she was in, the urine she was in, she was bound to get an infection one way or another, or she would’ve eaten something that she shouldn’t have," Ketteler said.

Rescuers were able to take possession of Gracie. She is now clean and comfortable and is staying with a foster family. Rescuers described her as friendly and said she loves being loved. Soon, she will be getting medical care.

The Queen City Bulldog Rescue has been handling several cases similar to Gracie’s lately. Volunteers said it seems like the neglect never ends.

One recent rescue, a bulldog named Kanye, came into the rescue’s care after his owner overdosed. The dog has a broken jaw that must be repaired. It is not clear how the injury happened.

They are also caring for a dog named Petey, who they said came from a backyard breeder covered in open wounds and fleas and ticks.

“You think you’ve seen it all, and then we have another rescue," Adams said.

The rescue’s message: If you cannot or will not care for an animal, reach out for help. Contact shelters or rescues. There is always an alternative to cruelty or neglect.

“You never can wrap your head around why, like how it got this way, how someone made that decision to do it," Ketteler said. "It never makes sense, so it never gets any easier.”

Rescuers said Gracie does have a small bump on her chest. They are waiting to find out whether it is a small tumor or a cyst. They believe it could also be a BB pellet from a BB gun.

The rescue is always looking for fosters or adopters to help animals like Gracie. Donations are accepted as well to help them properly care for the animals. To learn more, visit the rescue’s website or Facebook page.

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