Covington residents look to the city for help after continued flooding

Covington residents cleaning up after floods

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - Covington residents are looking for answers from the city after continued flooding damage this week.

Dan Hassert with the City of Covington said there’s a larger issue beyond basement floods many people in the city are experiencing with the recent heavy rainfall: Some areas in Northern Kentucky have combined sewer systems, meaning sanitary sewage and storm water exist together.

When the reservoir gets overwhelmed, Hassert said, flooding becomes an issue. He said the city is aware of the problem and the sanitation district is working on a solution.

Hassert says this is a very complex issue and is a problem with a lot of expensive solutions. The city is working to build retention ponds and Hassert says there are plans to build another.

“We have a sump pump on that side of the porch, but apparently, it came in over there too," said Euclid Avenue resident Betty Rabe, referencing the water damage in her home. “I can only imagine what they’re dealing with down the hill.”

Mark Alexander, who lives downhill from Rabe, said this is the first time he’s dealt with a flooded basement since he moved here last summer. He said he hopes there is a solution on the horizon.

“From what I’ve heard, the reservoir up on Highland was built to catch most of the floodwater from up on the hill, but it overflowed,” Alexander said.

Randy Fitzwater lives a few blocks away at Russell and West 22nd streets. He said he doesn’t want to move, but he’s hoping the city can help solve some of the flooding problems.

“It’s getting to the point where it’s putting my life in danger and putting my grand kids lives in danger," Fitzwater said.

What can residents do in the meantime? According to release from the city of Covington, some accommodations are being made. For example, residents can set out more than the typically allowed one bulk item for water damage.

  • The city advises residents to bag small items, to wrap items like mistresses and upholstered items in plastic, and to roll carpets and tie them in bundles 4-feet-long or less.
  • Tires, combustibles, hazardous materials, batteries and appliances still containing Freon cannot be thrown away, according to the release.

Residents can learn more about what can and can’t be thrown away in this guide.

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