2 pit bulls force their way into Middletown home, kill woman’s cat

‘I thought it was a bear’

Two pits run in stranger's home and attack

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (FOX19) - Two pit bulls recently forced their way into a Middletown home and attacked a woman’s pet while lying next to her in bed.

It happened this past week when the dogs made there way through a small crack into a stranger’s home.

“The pit bulls managed to get their noses in the 4 1/2 inches and pushed the patio sliders open,” said a woman who lives in the home.

She did not want to be identified out of fear. She says she was sleeping with her cat Gracie when she got a disturbing wake up call.

“The next thing I know something jumped on my bed and still asleep, I thought it was a bear,” said the woman.

As she became more alert she realized it wasn’t a bear, but instead it was two pit bulls fighting over her cat.

“Basically it was a tug of war and I’m just standing thinking this can’t be real -- it can’t be real," she said.

However, it was a real life nightmare. The woman says early Saturday morning on June 8 she got up to feed her cats. She usually leaves her back door cracked so that her cats can come and go outside. She believes Gracie stepped outside, grabbing the pit bulls’ attention, then they chased the cat into the house. After the dogs killed her cat Gracie, the woman feared she would be next as one of them cornered her near her bed.

“He’s standing there looking at me like, I wonder what she would taste like and he’s just threatening me. I stood there and I had my robe on and I just made myself look as big as I could by opening the robe out. He looked out me and I said, ‘Get out of the house,’" she said.

She says the dog did eventually leave the house then police came.

"Now I have secured the fence all the way around. It's double secured," said the woman.

Not only is she afraid to leave house, but now she is also concerned for the kids in the neighborhood.

“The police are doing all they can. The Animal Control car goes past my house about three times a week," said the woman.

She is just hoping the dogs are caught soon before someone else gets hurt. A few other neighbors say they have also seen the pits running loose. People in the area say the dogs usually run in a pack of three. Two of the pit bulls are brown and the other is black and white. Anyone with information is asked to contact Middletown police.

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