Will this rainy pattern ever go away?

Will this rainy pattern ever go away?

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - Will this rainy pattern ever go away?

The general answer is “Yes, it always does,” but I am sure it will not be soon enough for most of us. It does not look like we will see a long stretch of warm, dry weather until at least the middle of July or maybe even later.

All the medium-range weather models are trying to build a hot, summertime ridge of dry high pressure to the south of the Tri-State, then move it westward into the southern Great Plains. Unfortunately it never makes it here, leaving us in the active zone north of the hot, dry air meteorologist call “The Ring of Fire."

The newly-updated convective outlook from NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center DECREASES the risk of severe storm Wednesday to marginal for the entire FOX19 NOW viewing area.

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