Wet weather causing problems for local businesses

Wet weather causing problems for local businesses

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - Golf carts are making their way around the course at Terrace Park Country Club, but the greens are empty.

“We’ve had over 6 inches of rain, 35 inches since the start of the year here at Terrace Park Country Club, so yeah, we’re hurting,” said TPCC Grounds Superintendent, Scott Leshander.

This is Leshander’s third season with Terrace Park Country Club and his fifteenth working in Cincinnati. The course was open for about 30 minutes Wednesday morning during a brief break in the rain, but Scott says it’s not safe for players or the greens to play when the ground is this wet.

“We’ve been closed, no golf is happening -- revenue is getting hurt,” he said.

Even in the rain, he still has work to do.

“It puts a lot of stress on the course and staff,” he said. "We’ve had to rebuild bunkers three times this week. "

Scott and his staff of 19 stayed busy again Wednesday. After the downpours, they worked to protect the greens. One of the machines they use punches small holes in the ground to drain the water. The view from the thirteenth hole is beautiful, but Scott says when we get this much rain, it turns into a headache for them.

“One of our biggest attractions property-wise is kinda one of our biggest liabilities when we have these big flash-flood events," he said.

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