Man in custody after stealing more than $30K from bakery, police say

Police believe he may have already bought a pickup truck and Honda Accord with the money
Updated: Jun. 19, 2019 at 9:58 PM EDT
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VILLA HILLS, Ky. (FOX19) - Villa Hills police said Robert Klem is in custody after they say he stole more than $30,000 from Lupita’s Bakery June 10.

The owner of Lupita’s Bakery tells FOX19 NOW that Klem would come by the store on a monthly basis and offer to clean the windows for $30.

“He looked like somebody that could actually clean the windows. He had a uniform on,” Lupita’s owner Lluliana said. “Just be careful who you trust.”

While someone from the family-owned business usually monitors Klem’s work, Lluliana was short staffed, watching her child and stocking shelves when Klem allegedly went through her office.

“I saw him cleaning the outside but then he came inside to clean while I was putting away my cheese and sour cream,” Lluliana recalls. “He came into my office and I kind of glanced at it that he was cleaning the windows.”

After stealing the cash, the business reports Klem finished the windows and then came in to collect his $30 for his work.

“Now I have to work more than before. I have to pay the money back, it's not my money,” Lluliana said. “Most of the money that he stole was from a wire service that I have so now I have to pay that back.”

Lupita’s also tells FOX19 after taking money from the office and collecting his window washing fee, Klem went to the bar next door to have a beer.

Villa Hills police say Klem already had outstanding warrants for his arrest before they identified him in connection with this theft. They also report that Klem is believed to have already bought a pickup truck and a Honda Accord with the stolen cash.

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