Brown County tornado destroys yard sale items to benefit animal shelter

Tornado destroys items for animal shelter Mount Orab Mike Schell

BROWN COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Items set to be sold at a benefit yard sale for the Brown County Animal Shelter were destroyed in a tornado Monday.

The tornado, which the National Weather Service confirmed impacted Brown and Mason counties on Monday, hit the property of Norsie Short.

Short’s barn contained donated items that were going to be sold at a yard sale to benefit the Brown County Animal Shelter. Now, that barn is gone.

“It’s unfortunate to see this caliber of damage here, but whether it was from a tornado or straight-line winds, it probably doesn’t really matter much for the property owner,” said Brandon Peloquin of the NWS, who assessed the damage at Short’s property.

The yard sale was originally scheduled for mid-July. The shelter says it’s not sure when the new date will be.

For now, Short is relying on an old family remedy to calm her nerves after being shaken from the storm.

“A little bit of whiskey in there, and I’m doing good,” she said.

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