House Bill 178 would eliminate the need for a permit to carry a gun in Ohio

Local gun rights advocate speaks out because, in some cases, training would not be required either
Updated: Jun. 26, 2019 at 10:45 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Ohio House Bill 178 would abolish the state law requiring Ohioans to obtain a concealed carry permit, and now, it’s a step closer to real debate in the House.

The legislation cleared its first hurdle when it won approval from the House Federalism Committee.

Citizens over the age of 21, who are not barred from owning or carrying a handgun, would be permitted under H.B. 178 to carry without a permit and that means, in some cases, without training from a qualified instructor.

Kim Rodecker, a gun rights advocate, was on the House floor recently speaking out against the idea of allowing people to carry without proper training.

“I have met many, many, many people who if they did not have this training would go out and do something stupid, or could go out and do something stupid,” Rodecker said.

He has heard the criticism from fellow gun right advocates that he is speaking out against the bill simply because he wants to stay in the business of teaching concealed carry permit classes.

He claims that’s not true and he says he has real concerns what a lack of training could mean for the safety of the public.

“I like making people safe on the street, I like teaching people how to have good judgement out on the street,” Rodecker says.

The Buckeye Firearms Association has come out in favor of House Bill 178 writing, “If we have the right to keep {own} and bear {carry} arms, then why do we need permission?”

Rodecker believes in the right to carry, he just believes it makes sense to be trained.

“You’ve got to do his class one day out of your whole life, isn’t that worth not going to prison or worse going to the morgue because you made a stupid choice,” Rodecker said.

House Bill 178 may not be heard on the House floor in the near future, it may be kicked to another committee and the house will take summer recess soon.

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