‘It has an impact’: Mt. Healthy police release body cam of overdose

Officials say constant overdoses impact families, first responders

Police: OD captured on body cam

MT. HEALTHY, Ohio (FOX19) - Newly-released body camera video from Mt. Healthy police shows what it is like behind the scenes when first responders are treating an overdose.

The Hamilton County Heroin Coalition put out an overdose alert this past weekend, warning the public that overdoses had spiked. Mt. Healthy police said they are investigating three deadly overdoses.

Police released body cam video of one of those overdoses. It shows an incident that unfolded inside a home. A woman can be seen ushering emergency crews inside and into a bedroom where a man is lying still on a bed. The woman told police that the man needed medical help and can be heard telling officers that this has happened before.

The first responders are seen treating the man and asking if he used to take drugs. Police now say the man in that video must be battling an addiction because what happened to him is the result of an overdose.

Hamilton County Heroin Coalition Co-Chair Tom Synan said that first responders are, on average, sent to four or five overdoses a day.

“In the end, when someone dies, that family will forever grieve that person," said Synan. "It has an impact on that family, neighborhoods, communities, state.”

Going to similar situations over and over, Synan said, does not make it easier on them.

“You’re dealing with life and death, and you want to help somebody, but then it’s difficult when they don’t want to help themselves," said Synan.

The intensity and strength of the drugs can make it even harder to handle, according to Synan.

“Narcan lasts about 30 to 90 minutes depending on which doctor you talk to, but fentanyl can stay in the system for hours, so Narcan can wear off and that person can re-overdose which adds to the danger of this," said Synan.

The bottom line, Synan said, is that the drug epidemic can be frustrating for first responders. It can even cause fatigue. However, Synan believes it is their duty to never give up.

“I think that they are heroes for trying," said Synan. "My officer and the Mt. Healthy officers that went out there didn’t judge. It’s not our job to judge anyone. It’s our job to try to save lives.”

Synan said that if you or someone you know is battling addiction, it is a good idea to have Narcan handy. He also said always call 911 if you need immediate help, and know that there are resources available. You can learn about some of those resources here.

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