'It was a mess’: Newport neighbors report vandalism to homes, vehicles

Inappropriate graffiti spray painted on homes, eggs thrown at vehicles

Neighbors report vandalism in Newport

NEWPORT, Ky. (FOX19) - On more than one garage door and on at least one home, someone recently used spray paint to leave behind inappropriate graffiti in Newport.

It happened on E. 10th Street.

“When I first come out and seen it I thought who in the world would do something like that," Newport resident Lisa Godsey said. "As long as I have been here nothing has ever happened like that and I have been here a long time.”

Godsey has already covered up what was left behind at her home. Some of her neighbors were targeted as well, with graffiti spray painted on their garage door identical to what was left a few doors down.

In addition to the spray paint, just off E. 10th St on York Street, someone threw eggs on a few cars.

“Good grief," Jody Daniels said. "Why does somebody have to do this in our neighborhood? It was a mess. It was all over the tires and the fender and everything.”

Daniels has already cleaned her car off. Neighbors on both streets say they aren’t sure who’s behind this, if the incidents are connected or why anyone would do it.

“I don’t think we were targeted," Godsey said. "It was probably just some kids here in the neighborhood. There are are a lot of kids on the block.”

Newport police say they haven’t been made aware of any of the incidents.

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