Community rallies for end to gun violence after 14-year-old’s shooting death

14 year old shot and killed in Over the Rhine

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - People close to the teen who was killed in an OTR shooting gathered Sunday evening to call for an end to gun violence.

Community members gathered a makeshift memorial to remember the life of 14-year-old Anthony Hinton, who was shot and killed on Walnut Street early Sunday morning.

Brianna Morrow, a friend of Anthony’s, said she just doesn’t feel safe in her own neighborhood.

“It’s sad, it’s sad,” Brianna said. “This is my neighborhood. It makes me scared to come outside, and I don’t want to run from shots, ducking, that’s just too much — especially at our age.”

Brianna said Anthony was a good kid who liked to make people laugh. According to one of his mentors, he was also a good leader.

“He had just moved. He showed great leadership to speak to some young guys about the cultural challenges and the things our youth get involved with," said Aaron Pullins, director of local mentoring group Men Involved.

Pullins said one way they can stop the violence here is by supporting kids like Anthony.

“It solidifies the fact that we need to engage our youth and those who are looking for help,” Pullins said. “Engage the parents, the community and do everything we can in order to reduce the violence and crime and develop more alternatives instead of jail and [death]."

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