Cincinnati nonprofit helps homeless couple with new home

Homeless couple moves into their own home

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - A couple living out of their car, not knowing how they were going to get by each day is now moving into their own home with the help of a Cincinnati nonprofit organization.

Maslow’s Army is run by a team of volunteers reaching out to anyone experiencing homelessness.

Shelby and Marcus Houston say they never imagined they would be living on the streets but one phone call changed their lives forever.

Now they are moving into their new apartment in Hamilton.

“We have two bathrooms,” said Shelby as she gave FOX19 a tour of her new place.

While both are grateful to have a place to lay their heads, it’s a journey that didn’t come easy.

Marcus says he and his wife hit rock bottom two months ago after he became very sick with E coli.

“I ended up going to the hospital for like six days to the point I couldn’t go back to work a couple of weeks. After that I got out the hospital. With that happening I ended up losing my job bills started piling on," he said.

Marcus says his wife had a broken arm and also wasn’t able to work, so they eventually lost their apartment and were forced to live out of their car.

“It felt embarrassed and it’s something I never thought was going to happen to me,” said Marcus.

However, unlike some, he wasn’t too embarrassed to ask for help.

He reached out to Sam Landis, the Executive Director for Maslow’s Army.

After making a call Landis helped put the Houston’s in a shelter where Marcus regained employment and saved enough to rent this apartment.

“It makes my heart dance to see how hard they worked. How resilient they worked together as a couple to improve their living conditions,” said Landis.

He says their work continues to help more families and to end the stigma of homelessness.

“We want to continue to try to put a face to homelessness and let individuals know this could be you or this could be your child. We hope they can find the help they need when it’s their time or your time," said Landis.

Even though the Houston’s are still working to getting back on their feet they’re making time to give back to Maslow’s Army and to motivate others in similar situations.

“Be brave be strong. Know your worth don’t ever give up hope,” said Shelby.

Maslow’s Army is out serving the community every Sunday at the Justice Center.

They help about 500 people each week and they are always in need of volunteers. You can learn more on their website or by calling or call (859) 491-ARMY

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