Son of West Chester homicide victim: ‘Killing is nothing’ for suspect

Man facing charges in West Chester quadruple murder

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - The relative of the victims from a quadruple homicide in West Chester is relieved that the man he suspected is in custody Tuesday.

Gurinder “Garry” Hans — the son of Paramijt Kaur, one of the victims — said he suspected Gurpreet Singh since the beginning in the shooting deaths that occurred in April, and that the recent arrest is “big, amazing news.”

Singh’s arrest comes after the April 28 slayings of Hakikat Singh Panag, 59, his wife Paramjit Kaur, 62, their daughter Shalinder Kaur, 39, and his wife’s sister, Amarjit Kaur, 58. He initially made the 911 call reporting the deaths of his family members.

He was taken into custody Tuesday in Connecticut on four aggravated murder charges for the shooting deaths of his relatives — his wife, her parents and her aunt — at a West Chester apartment complex.

Hans, who lives in Australia, organized a vigil in May. He said he felt frustrated that Singh was in attendance, but hopeful that his family would see justice.

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“Yes, [that made me angry], but that’s why we pray every day to God,” Hans said. “If he can kill all [the] members of my family, he could kill me because I’m the one organizing the candlelight vigil and other things as well, so for him, killing is nothing.”

Garry Hans holds a banner (right) at a West Chester vigil he organized for his family in May.
Garry Hans holds a banner (right) at a West Chester vigil he organized for his family in May. (Source: Provided)

Hans said he’s grateful for the support he’s received here.

“On the behalf of family members and friends and relatives we all are thankful to West Chester police, FBI and other agencies who worked hard to give justice," Hans said told FOX19 in a statement. "We are also thankful to the American government and Indian government. Special thanks to local community of Cincinnati, the Sikh community, the local and international media, hard working journalists and everyone who supported us from day one. Thanks once again friends and relatives for your support.”

Now, he’s just waiting for what comes next in the case.

“We will be seeking justice for the family and for society, that’s what we will seek," he said. “We pray every day for the justice — and today’s the day.”

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