Black bear spotted roaming around Pike County

Black bear spotted roaming around Pike County
A young black bear was spotted wandering the village of Waverly in Pike County on Friday, according to the Pike County News Watchman. (Source: Mark Hannah)

PIKE COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - It’s not every day you spot a black bear in your yard, but that’s just what happened Friday in Pike County.

According to the Pike County News Watchman, the Waverly Police Department started getting calls about the bear shortly before 11 a.m.

They more got more calls as the bear cut through some yards and crossed streets.

Police were able to give the bear a nudge and get it out of town. The News Watchman says it disappeared into farm fields of the Scioto River Valley beyond the village of Waverly.

People were then given the all-clear but they were also given a warning from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources not to leave anything out that might attract the bear to town once again.

The Ohio Division of Wildlife of Jackson County says, based on the description from officers, that the bear was likely a young male yearling.


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