Female ride-share driver shares safety tips for others

Female ride-share driver shares safety tips for others
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - There have been some scary situations for ride-share users in our area recently.

First, a shooting that happened Saturday morning just before 1 a.m. outside the McDonalds, near the Plaza Midwood neighborhood.

Police tell us two men with guns came up to a ride-share car with weapons.

The men fired shots, as did a person in the car. Four people were injured, including a woman in critical condition.

Friday, in a separate incident, a woman picked up a man for a ride-share ride and was groped.

Drivers said incidents like the shooting and the groping have them shaken up -- they said they can't help but empathize with the people in those scary situations when they are just trying to do their job of providing transportation, but one driver shared on your side information from her experiences to help you stay safe.

Petra Marcus has given hundreds of ride-share rides over the years, But she says being a ride-share driver -- and a woman -- means taking extra safety precautions.

"Safety is the most concern that everybody has," says Petra Marcus, a ride-share driver.

After giving so many rides to many different people, Petra says, "I think I have developed a way to feel if there is something going on, and being a people person makes it that much easier for her, "I'm not afraid of people, I love people," says Marcus.

Before starting a ride, she says all drivers should take precautions, "Definitely want to make sure you know that the app matches person who gets in the car," says Marcus.

Upon confirming that the rider is the correct person, she then has them buckle up, for their safety, and hers. If they are buckled up, it prevents them from any suspicious activities. "You can hear click going off, your light usually comes on when the seat-belt is off and that's when you might want to pull over," says Marcus.

Luckily, Marcus says she's never had to pull over to get out of a dangerous situation, but CMPD says another female ride-share driver was groped by a rider in Charlotte Friday.

Then Saturday, police say a ride-share car was involved in a shooting incident on Eastway Drive.

We haven't heard from CMPD yet if the driver was a victim, but 4 were injured, including a woman with life-threatening injuries.

"People all over the world use ride sharing now days and you know unfortunately one bad incident makes it bad for many," says Marcus.

To avoid those incidents Marcus says she wears conservative clothing, keeps a conversation going to get a feel for the rider, and speaks up if something isn't right, saying, "You have to have that confidence to be able to say, is it always easy? No it's not but you know, you have to develop that."

Police say they have identified all the people involved in the shooting incident, but are still looking for the man who groped the woman driving on Trade Street Friday. If you know anything about that incident you are asked to call the police.

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