Family of bull run victim from Florence: He’s ‘doing great’ in hospital after being gored

Family of bull run victim from Florence: He’s ‘doing great’ in hospital after being gored
Aaron Froelicher of Florence was gored by a bull Sunday in Spain during the running of the bulls. He's recovering now in Pamplona. (Source: Michael Brannigan)

FLORENCE, Ky. (FOX19) - The family of the Florence man who was gored during the running of the bulls in Spain said recovery is on the horizon just two days after he was injured at the San Fermin festival.

Andrew Froelicher said his brother is recovering well in a Pamplona hospital after being gored by a bull Sunday during the second day of the historic event.

“He’s doing great," Froelicher said. “Their concern was he landed on his head, so they were concerned there could be a concussion or internal bleeding, but they did the CT scans and they did a fantastic job, and they cleared him of that.”

Along with two others, 23-year-old Aaron Froelicher was hospitalized during the running of the bulls at the Saint Fermin festival in Pamplona, the Associated Press reported.

During the event, hundreds of people dash ahead or next to the animals as part of the festival’s bull run tradition.

Aaron Froelicher was participating in the run when one bull broke away from the pack. According to his brother, that’s when things got out of control.

“I actually didn’t see him get bucked, but I did see him on the floor and I was like, oh man,” he said. “So I get out [of the arena] and go to the spot Aaron got gored at, and he was surrounded by six or seven Pamplona police officers and about 15 paramedics. And that’s when I realized, and there was blood all over the ground, and they had him in the neck brace.”

The entire run lasted 2 minutes and 41 seconds, the AP reported.

According to Aaron’s father, Duane Froelicher, the bull threw Aaron in the air and pierced his left hamstring with its horn.

What concerned doctors most, Froelicher said, was the possibility for infection, since bulls move their manure around with their horns. He said Aaron is being treated with an antibiotic drip and should be released by Friday.

“My son’s a big boy, he’s [6-foot-2], he’s played football for Cooper High School, and he’s built like a football player," Froelicher said. “I mean for a bull to throw him up in the air like that, it’s just amazing how strong those animals are.”

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