CPD: “If your kids are out at 2,3,4 in the morning..they’re at risk..there’s no reason for them to be out...”

Police say they'll crack down on curfew

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - There are calls for a crackdown on curfew after another 14-year old was gunned down in Cincinnati.

Police say Cameron Franklin was shot and killed in Lower Price Hill, late Saturday.

Now, local leaders are working on efforts aimed at keeping kids safe.

Cincinnati police told FOX19 NOW a curfew crackdown needs to happen in order to keep kids safe, but they need parents, guardians and the community to step up and hold kids accountable.

Monday afternoon, CPD shared more info on the city-wide curfew ordinance.

15-year-olds out after 10 pm are violating this ordinance

If you're 16 or 17 and out after midnight, you're also in violation of the ordinance.

Parents may be cited for teens' curfew violations.

CPD adds that enforcement of this ordinance does NOT apply to kids going to or coming home from work.

Local leaders admit this is just one piece of the puzzle that addresses violence in the streets.

“Parents do have to parent their children, make sure they’re in the house on time. However, parents do have to watch their kids, make sure they’re in the house on time. However, we do have to address the fact that there are parents that work third shift. It’s so nuanced, there’s so many issues, but we can address the violence in our city, we can do it. We can come up with creative solutions that are going to help," said Councilmember Jeff Pastor.

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