(We’re pretty sure) we have identified the ‘mystery bug’ in this viewer photo

“They’re common in the area but the Larvae aren’t well studied”

Bug expert identifies mystery larvae

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - A FOX19 viewer recently posted pictures of a mystery bug she was attempting to identify that covered her back porch in the Norwood area.

FOX19 Bug Expert and Mount Saint Joseph University professor Dr. Gene Kritsky pegged the picture for a “Bee Fly” larvae.

“They’re common in the area but the Larvae aren’t well studied,” Dr. Kritsky said. “In fact, a lot of the larval intermediate forms of some of the bee flies are not known at all.”

The presence of “bee fly” larvae could be a sign of a larger issue for residents according to a 2018 article on BugOfTheWeek.com. The article reads: “Don’t be surprised to see the Tiger Bee Fly, Xenox tigrinus, loitering on decks or siding infested with carpenter bees. Larvae of the carpenter bee are food for the larvae of this handsome fly.”

"(The larvae) turn into adult flies that hover like bees and sometime mistaken for bees but they’re not bees. They’re actually parasitic on other insects,” Dr. Kritsky said.

Bee Flies are known to lay their eggs in or near the burrowed-out nests of several bee species including carpenter bees. As the “bee fly” eggs mature, they eat the pollen that was stored for the nesting bee species and eventually grow to eat the bee larvae.

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