Formerly homeless vet who says he was bullied now has a place to stay

Formerly homeless vet who says he was bullied now has a place to stay
Maslow's Army and the Barracks Project helped Navy vet Brian Tucker get a rent-free place to stay through October. (Source: Maslow's Army Facebook)

FORT WRIGHT, Ky. (FOX19) - A homeless veteran who says he was a target of bullying over the Fourth of July holiday weekend has been given a free place to stay.

Navy veteran Brian Tucker has been living out of a tent for the past few months up until Wednesday morning, when he received a spot in the Barrack Projects house after Maslow’s Army featured him in a Facebook post. He will be able to stay there rent-free through the end of October.

The Barracks Project is a nonprofit that provides assistance to honorably discharged veterans who are trying to reintegrate into civilian life, according to its website. The organization also provides some housing for veterans.

Tucker, who has PTSD, told FOX19 NOW he was the subject of bullying over the Fourth of July weekend when he had rocks and fireworks thrown at him. He says he felt he was being targeted just for being homeless.

“They don’t care who you are or where you came from, if you’re homeless you’re a criminal to them,” Tucker said last week. "It didn’t put me in a running scared. It put me in a fighting scared. I’ve moved about maybe five or six different times looking for a place to set up where they couldn’t find me.”

He also commuted to a local gym to shower and work out every day, which is when he received the most harassment, including having rocks and fireworks thrown at him, Tucker said

After seeing Tucker’s struggle, The Barracks Project paid for a hotel room for a week before he received his keys to the house on Wednesday.

“July Fourth is Independence Day, a day of celebration for the United States,” Samuel Landis of Maslow’s Army said. “Brian who fought for our country was treated inhumanely; we have a responsibility to take care of our veterans who served to protect our freedom.”

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