'We just want Heavenly back’: Middletown teen mysteriously vanishes in Michigan

Heavenly Sloan disappeared over the weekend

Middletown teen missing in Michigan

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (FOX19) - The parents of a Middletown teenager who mysteriously disappeared in Michigan are desperately trying to track her down because they believe she could be in danger.

Heavenly Sloan, 18, just graduated high school. Her parents said that she has already accomplished a great deal, and she has a bright future.

“Great opportunities ahead of her -- a job, savings. She’s going to college here soon,” said Thomas Sloan, Heavenly’s father.

Now, Heavenly is missing. Knowing the type of person she is, her parents cannot wrap their mind around it.

“It’s been hard on everybody,” said Thomas. “No sleep, not eating.”

Heavenly disappeared over the weekend. Her parents said that she drove 3 1/2 hours to Michigan from her mother’s home in Middletown for a family event where she spent time with her father. Heavenly, her parents said, was scheduled to work on Sunday morning.

On Saturday, she told her father she was heading home to Ohio and left. However, she never made it home and did not show up for work.

“You try to get some rest, but the minute your eyes close, your body is jerking as if you’ve fallen off a cliff or something because you feel like that one second your eyes are closed, or you’re not up doing something, you’re going to miss something,” said Lacrisha Crawford, Heavenly’s mother.

According to Heavenly’s parents, a friend claimed that she was with Heavenly Saturday night in the Belleville, Michigan area. The friend said the last time she saw Heavenly was around 3 a.m. Sunday.

Heavenly’s parents said they are concerned because the friend’s story seems suspicious and has changed multiple times.

“I don’t think that friend is being as honest as she should be,” said Thomas.

Heavenly’s parents are frantically trying to find her. They said their daughter’s phone is shut off, and her a car, a silver 2009 G6, is missing. Heavenly has also been silent on social media.

Her loved ones say it is out of character for her given that she is reliable and responsible.

Her family members have been posting flyers, sharing photos online and have even been driving to and from Michigan and Middletown searching for any sign of Heavenly.

“Mom loves her. I love her. She has a lot of family that loves her, and I want her home safely, and I want her to know that we will not stop,” said Thomas. “It doesn’t matter how long. I mean days, years, hours, it doesn’t matter.”

Heavenly’s parents said they reported her disappearance to local police departments in Michigan. Her Ohio license plate number is HNK2019.

Middletown Police are on alert too and posted about Heavenly on Facebook.

If you have any information, contact police. There is a $10,000 reward and a $1,000 reward available for information.

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