Clermont County family says dog was stolen, left for dead in road

Family says dog was dragged to death

CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - A Clermont County woman claims that her dog was nearly stolen and killed, and she is demanding to know why.

Amanda Lipsky lives on a small farm in Clermont County with her family. Lipsky said it is no secret they have a lot of pets and are big animal lovers. One of those pets was a Great Pyrenees dog named Max.

“Just a big, lovable, poof ball," said Lipsky. "He was protective, but in a nice way.”

On July 3, Lipsky said they were enjoying a normal night, when they heard something that caught their attention -- the sound of squealing tires. When Lipsky went to investigate, she said she found Max dead down the street.

Lipsky said that Max was wearing an electric fence collar and would have never left their yard. Based on what she found left behind, she believes someone tried to steal Max, but Max fought back and was dragged to death.

“The trail of fur from our driveway to where his body was, pretty sure he didn’t do that to himself," said Lipsky.

The Lipskys, now devastated, are asking for people to come forward so they can find out exactly what happened.

“It’s like losing a family member, except this time it was like murder because somebody did that deliberately," said Lipsky.

The Lipskys said that this is not the first time that animal cruelty has been a problem in the their area. They said another dog of theirs was shot several times.

“There’s gotta be a piece of your soul missing for you to injure a helpless animal," said Lipsky.

While they mourn Max, they are warning others to watch out.

“Keep a close eye on 'em," said Lipsky. "Put up gates. Put up cameras.”

Lipsky is offering a reward for information. She said she reported the incident to the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office. She is asking anyone with information to give them a call.

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