‘I was appalled’: Cincinnati police search for man who exposed, pleasured himself in public

Man exposes and pleasures himself in public

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - Cincinnati police are looking for a man who exposed and pleasured himself in front of a woman while she was leaving her job in Hyde Park.

Ashley Hazlett said it happened Sunday evening just before 8 p.m. on Erie Avenue.

“I was sitting here and he was right in that corner. He wasn’t trying to hide or anything,” said Hazlett.

She says she stepped outside of the back of the restaurant she works in to take a call. While she was outside in the empty parking lot she noticed an older white male with a hat and sunglasses lingering next to her.

“When I looked up he happened to be pleasuring himself through his jeans. I was very uncomfortable with that so I asked him if he could go somewhere else," she said.

Hazlett says when she shouted at him to stop, the man became even more bold.

“Instead of being embarrassed that he was caught he decided to completely expose himself and continue. I was just appalled," she said.

She became so enraged that she started running towards him which led to a chase down an alley onto the main strip of Erie.

“He was trying to pull up his pants the whole time he was running. I don’t know what I was going to do when I got him,” said Hazlett.

However, she didn’t get him. She says the foot chase ended when the man jumped into a white truck on Erie and Michigan and sped away running through a red light.

“He just floored it with the door open and me shaking my fist in awe of what just happened,” said Hazlett.

A woman who witnessed the chase at the coffee shop called police. Hazlett says the most disturbing part is that when she talked to an officer she was told that there were other recent similar reports. Now she is hoping the man is caught soon.

“It’s unfortunate that in this area you can’t walk home at night without feeling like you are going to be sexually assaulted or harassed,” said Hazlett.

Cincinnati police say they don’t advise going after anyone exposing themselves or any suspect. Instead it always best to get a good description and call police. There are several cameras in this area police are reviewing that now to get an image of the suspect.

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