FBI reports rise in sextortion cases involving kids

FBI warning parents about online sex crimes

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - The Federal Bureau of Investigations is warning parents about the rise in sextortion cases involving minors.

Sextortion is sexual exploitation in which abuse of power is the means of coercion and threatening someone by releasing sexual images or information about them.

Tech expert Dave Hatter says he’s not surprised about the rise in cases because more and more kids are connected to the internet.

“I worry about this and this kind of thing. Kids don’t understand the risk they’re at anytime they’re using any sort of digital media,” Hatter said.

The FBI reports a 60-percent increase in sextortion cases involving minors over the past five years.

Hatter suggests talking to your kids about the dangers of the internet.

“It’s really important to warn kids that people aren’t who they always say they are and what they’re doing can last forever. You as a parent need to limit their screen time to try to control their access as much as you can or at least understand what they’re doing,” Hatter said.

He says even if you lock your child’s devices, nothing is foolproof.

“There’s nothing that stops them from going to the neighbors house or their friends house and potentially having access that they wouldn’t get at your house,” Hatter said.

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