Woman with knife shot by police in East Price Hill has history of mental illness, run-ins with CPD

It happened on Crestline Avenue, police said, which is near the park

CPD releases body cam of officer-involved shooting

EAST PRICE HILL, Ohio (FOX19) - Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters says no charges are being filed against the two officers involved in a shooting near Mt. Echo Park Tuesday afternoon.

The incident happened around 3:30 p.m. on Crestline Avenue.

In a press conference Wednesday morning, Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said Ebony Singley, 26, has a history of mental illness.

Chief Isaac said between January and July, police responded to about four or five calls by Singley for mental health issues where she has threatened to harm herself.

He said Tuesday afternoon Singley called 911 saying she was feeling suicidal and then hung up the phone. Singley called back and said there was a woman with a knife threatening to harm herself and others.

District Three Officers Andrew Snape and Joshua Wallet arrived at the apartment where they found Singley pacing back and forth on the porch holding a butchers knife with an eight-inch blade.

Though Singley has a history with Cincinnati police, neither officer in this incident had responded to a call by her before.

Isaac said a woman was inside the home where Singley was trying to get inside. He says the woman had about five children under the age of six inside the apartment as well as an elderly person she was trying to keep safe.

He said the woman knew Singley.

The incident was captured on the body cameras of both officers where they can be heard telling Singley to put the knife down multiple times.

Isaac said Singley put the knife to her own throat at one point, to which the officers yelled out for her not to ‘do it.’

He says body camera footage shows Officer Snape approaching the apartment from the side behind the safety of a vehicle in the driveway where he showed his Taser.

Officer Snape can be heard on his body camera telling Singley that if she doesn’t stop he will use his Taser.

Singley then backed away from the door and Isaac said this made the woman inside think she was gone.

The woman in the apartment opened the door thinking it was safe to go out and speak with the officers, but Singley was standing beside the door and took the opportunity to rush the front door and force her way in, Isaac said.

Officer Snape discharged his Taser, Chief Isaac says, but one of the barbs hit the side of the apartment and in order for the electric shock to take place, both barbs must hit the intended target.

Isaac says Officer Wallet fired his gun when Singley forced her way in the door of the apartment, hitting her in the back of the leg.

Both officers then commanded Singley to lay down on the ground, crawl out of the apartment, and put her hands behind her back where they then handcuffed her.

The officers applied a tourniquet to her leg to stop the bleeding.

Isaac said Singley was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where she was treated and released. She is currently under a psychiatric hold pending evaluation.

Singley is charged with one count of felonious assault.

Prosecutor Deters said he reviewed the body camera footage and spoke with Chief Isaac and both are in agreement that the officers used necessary force.

He also pointed out the similarities in this case and the officer involved shooting from July 4 where a man with a knife in Bramble Park called police on himself.

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"This is eerily similar to the July 4th officer involved shooting in Bramble Park and once again Cincinnati Police officers acted appropriately and followed their training. They confronted a woman with a knife threatening harm to herself and others and, when their taser failed to take effect and the situation escalated, they had no choice but to shoot her. When Singley forced her way into the Crestline home, the officers acted heroically and, in all probability, saved an innocent woman’s life by taking the actions that they took. Once again I commend the Cincinnati Police Department and their officers for how well they handled a dangerous situation,” Deters said in a statement.

In that shooting, Chief Isaac said Devin Johnson, 23, told police there was a man in Bramble Park who was acting ‘wild and going crazy with a knife.’

Isaac said both officers yelled out commands for Johnson to stop and drop the knife, but police say Johnson continued walking ‘deliberately’ toward them while they backed up.

He says Officer Albert Brown shot Johnson three times and when he fell to the ground, Officer Kevin Johnson kicked the knife out of reach and performed chest compression until medics arrived.

He was last listed in critical condition at UCMC.

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