Possible death investigation underway in Hamilton

Nearby residents are worried a recent strong, foul odor could be connected to the investigation

Coroner called to investigation in Hamilton

HAMILTON, Ohio (FOX19) - Investigators were called to the scene of a possible death investigation Wednesday in Hamilton.

Dispatchers confirmed that Hamilton police were sent to the 1300 block of Franklin Street around 4 p.m. Neighbors said they saw four or five Hamilton police cruisers parked near a wooded area next to Millikin Woods Park.

They also reported seeing the Butler County Coroner on the scene.

One woman, MaKayla Lipps, said she saw investigators putting up and taking down crime scene tape at the site. Police were there, Lipps said, for several hours.

A report from the Hamilton Police Department does say the body of an unidentified female was found in the woods Thursday but does not specify the cause of death.

People who live in the area said it would not be the first time someone has been found dead there. They also said that they have been smelling a strong, foul odor for about a week. Nearby residents are worried the smell could be connected to the investigation.

“We were sitting on the porch, and a lady and her son, they had the cops come, and they walked the cops back there to the woods, and then the detectives and cops came and told us that there was a body back there," said Lipps. “We’ve been smelling like a dead animal for about a week, but as the time went on, it turned into like a fishy smell, like a lake or something.”

Lipps said she and a friend did hear screaming coming from that area of the woods in recent days. It is not clear if that has any connection to the investigation.

Police did not release any further details about the investigation on Wednesday.

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