Ohio judge forces busted graffiti artist to use toothbrush for painting punishment

Updated: Jul. 19, 2019 at 4:09 PM EDT
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PAINESVILLE, Ohio (WOIO) - It was a hot day to serve any sentence, but it beat the 10 days in jail Avery White faced for spray painting graffiti on a railroad caboose.

There were precautions for the heat, including water, sunscreen, even at times a mask and gloves for the dust. Then came the painting, with a toothbrush!

Judge Michael Cicconetti’s sentence was not only meant to punish White, but to send a message as well.

“Somebody will think twice. Maybe they’re gonna vandalize or paint something else. The message is here. You’re caught in this court’s jurisdiction, this could be you.” said Chief Probation Officer Dave Washlock, who oversaw the punishment.

It was likely not an accident that White showed up for his punishment in a shirt that was spray painted with graffiti like swirls and shoes that likely took a lot longer and something more than spray paint to create.

You may ask: why a tooth brush? The answer was the judge wanted to make it a challenge. With a paint brush the job would have been done in minutes not a couple of hours. A city maintenance worker gave the final OK on the job.

“I walked in there fully expecting to go to jail, sadly. But I was very relieved when I found out he was gonna do a creative sentencing option.” White said afterward.

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