Theft of pizza delivery driver’s car caught on camera

Pizza delivery driver's car stolen

AMELIA, Ohio (FOX19) - A thief who stole a pizza delivery driver’s car in Amelia this week was caught on camera, but he still hasn’t been caught by police.

Grammas Pizza driver Christopher Baker said had just finished making a delivery and left his car running behind the store while he ran inside.

Less than 30 seconds later, the thief jumped into action and drove off in Baker’s Gold Toyota Camry.

Baker said after watching the surveillance video, he realized the man had been watching him and stalking him for about two hours.

Grammas Pizza car stolen

“Throughout the night, I remember seeing him and it dawned on me ... I was at the pump over there, and he was behind me there,” he said. “I think he was thinking about jacking me right at the pump.”

Some of his personal items were in the car including the keys to his home.

Baker says even without his car, he is still dedicated to his job. But he said if it wasn’t for his family and coworkers, he wouldn’t have been able to come to work Tuesday night.

“I found this car for $300," he said. "They raised some money with my coworkers, and I’m here.”

Baker has worked for Grammas Pizza for the past 25 years, six days a week, and has never had a problem leaving his car running while he runs into the store to grab his next order.

Now he is locking his car doors every time. He is hoping that the man who stole his car does the right thing and gives it back.

The stolen gold Camry has a gray primer spot on the rear quarter panel. If anyone recognizes the man or the car, they are asked to call police.

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