Supporters of former judge Tracie Hunter spotted outside different judge’s home

Updated: Jul. 23, 2019 at 11:11 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - Supporters of former judge Tracie Hunter lined the sidewalk outside retired Judge Norbert Nadel’s home Tuesday night. Nadel was the original judge presiding over her case.

Nadel released the following statement:

"As the Judge who originally presided over and sentenced former Judge Tracie Hunter, this case has never been about race or politics.

After almost 5 years, this case remains about Justice, Fairness, and the Refusal of an Elected Official to accept responsibility for the breach of a Public Trust.

Our Justice System in Hamilton County is in good working condition. We need to move on!

Enough is Enough!"

Supporters also gathered Monday outside the home of Judge Patrick Dinkelacker. Judge Dinkelacker handed Hunter a six-month-minus-one-day sentence in the Hamilton County Justice Center.

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Hunter was convicted in 2014 of unlawful interest in a public contract, which is a felony. She is now in jail.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil says there are things Hunter can do to slice time off her stay at the Hamilton County Justice Center.

VIDEO | Former judge Tracie Hunter being processed inside Hamilton Co. Justice Center

This week on 700 WLW Neil said he couldn’t release Hunter, but added that she has access to a phone and the same privileges as all the other inmates.

“If she’s fortunate to get an early release, either judicially or through the Chief Executive of the State, that can happen," he said.

Neil says there are offenders at the justice center right now including Hunter who do not need to be there.

“We have psych patients that don’t need to be in the county jail, but because we lack psych hospitals," he said. “The Hamilton County Jail is now the largest mental hospital in the county.”

Neil says Hunter can apply to earn credit working as a trustee in the kitchen or the laundry which would all go toward reducing her time served, earning up to 3 days for every one day served. And there are people in her pod, he says, who could benefit from Hunter’s experience as a judge and as a minister.

Neil says he’ll continue to check on Hunter daily as he does all of the inmates as part of his responsibility as sheriff.

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