‘It’s not accidental, no’: CPD looking for group of paintball vandals

Security video from several angles shows paintball guns unloading at an alarming rate

Paintball vandals damage apartment complex

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - Police are looking for a group of paintball vandals after their fun left a colorful and destructive mess at a Northside apartment complex.

“There’s a lotta paintballin’ going on, a lot of destruction to our buildings,” said Mike Salamin, Maintenance Supervisor for Ten South Management, which owns the Ashwood Apartments. “It’s all caught on camera!”

Security video from several angles shows paintball guns unloading at an alarming rate and leaving behind a trail of damage around the complex.

“We just want to be safe. This is a fine place, which is why we came here,” said a woman, who asked us not to identify her.

She’s worried about the safety of her kids and neighbors.

“I was mad,” she said. “I was really mad! But just thank God it was not broken into.”

It took four bottles of water just to see to drive to a car wash a few days ago, when she was headed to work and found her car had been covered in white paintball paint.

"Spray here! Spray here! Spray here! Spray here! Spray here! You know they were doing it intentionally! It's not accidental, no,” she said fuming.

And it was not just cars in that complex that got hit.

"My property manager told me that, some cars got hit down on Northside, quite a few of them actually,” said Salamin.

He says that over the last week it’s been mayhem in their parking lots with paint on the dumpsters and paint on the buildings, which the rain thankfully erased most of. But he said you can’t erase holes from the high-impact paintballs.

“My siding cracked with holes in it, paint splatter all over the siding,” said Salamin.

The holes, he noted, will take more time and money to fix.

He says they even tried to shoot the security cameras.

“They were pretty brazen! Yeah," he said. "They posted their exploits on Facebook, showing off their new paintball guns.”

Ashwood Management have identified who that tenant is, and also captured Facebook images of the tenant and his friends, showing off their paintball exploits on social media. That tenant is scheduled to move out Thursday.

Management turned over all the information, including the tenant’s license plates, and were told they would be charged with criminal mischief.

No arrests have been made.

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