Neighbors honor late Rumpke worker, remind people to ‘slow down to get around’ garbage trucks

Event aims to honor late Rumpke worker, remind people to ‘slow down to get around’ garbage trucks

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (FOX19) - A group of Hamilton neighbors are paying it forward to their Rumpke collectors in an unconventional way: They’re leaving gifts on top of their trash cans for them.

Amy McCloud brought the “Top Your Trash” event to her neighborhood in Middletown after an accident left David Evans, a Rumpke worker in her area, dead last July.

She never met Evans, but she wanted to help out his family.

“Wouldn’t it be neat if we put flowers out there for someone — all the people who might’ve known him?" McCloud said.

McCloud’s friend suggested creating an event to do just that, and that’s how the “Top Your Trash” event started.

With approval and appreciation from David Evans' family, Amy invited her friends, neighbors and community to top their trash cans or recycle bins with gifts for Rumpke workers.

And they're doing it again this year.

The support is stretching further than Amy expected.

Evans’ sister, who lives in Florida shared a link to this year’s event, inviting her friends and neighbors both near and far to take part, honor her brother and show appreciation for trash collectors.

McCloud said her goal for the event is to bring attention to the Slow Down to Get Around law, a national safety campaign that requires drivers to change lanes or slow down when passing collection vehicles that are stopped on roadways whose lights are on and flashing.

Slow Down to Get Around Law is now active in 23 states, including Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

More info about the law can be found here.

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