Stickers from so-called ‘hate group’ found on streetlamps in NKY

Light poles plastered with hate messages in NKY

FORT THOMAS, Ky. (FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky city government is taking action after so-called “hate group” stickers were found posted on streetlamps on over the weekend.

Bret Olson found the stickers from Patriot Front — a group the Southern Poverty Law Center has classified as a “neo-Nazi hate group” — on at least 12 lampposts along Fort Thomas Avenue.

“That’s happening when I’m trying to go get an ice cream and that’s not cool, you know?” said Olson. “That’s odd for being in Fort Thomas.”

Olson called Fort Thomas Police and reported the stickers, citing his concerns for propaganda and hate speech.

The City of Fort Thomas believes it happened sometime after close of business Friday through Monday morning.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, who tracks the movement of hate groups, Patriot Front is a white nationalist hate group that broke off from Vanguard America after the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017.

But it’s not just in Northern Kentucky that these stickers are appearing. More of the same stickers reportedly showed up outside Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati over the weekend.

Fort Thomas Police said they are reviewing their RING security video footage in the wake of the sticker reports.

“Somebody’s angry, somebody had the gall to post and even if they’re fooling around like, it’s not acceptable,” Olson said.”There were a lot of families that were concerned about it."

City officials say posting stickers on lampposts carries a fine.

They say they are reviewing security video outside of City Hall. They ask anyone who lives within a mile with security footage to share it with the city.

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