VIDEO: Bench-clearing brawl between Reds, Pirates gets ugly

VIDEO: Bench-clearing brawl between Reds, Pirates gets ugly
FILE PHOTO (Credit: Reds/Twitter) (Source: Twitter: @Reds)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - To say it was an eventful Tuesday evening at Great American Ball Park would be a borderline egregious understatement.

Moments after a huge trade deadline deal that appears to be sending outfielder Yasiel Puig to Cleveland and pitcher Trevor Bauer to Cincinnati, GABP descended into chaos during the Reds/Pirates game.

Reds reliever Amir Garrett rushed the Pirates’ dugout in the ninth inning and threw punches, starting a brawl prolonged by Puig.

You can watch for yourself below:

Hours later, Puig tweeted early Wednesday confirming he’s been dealt to the Cleveland Indians.

As Puig left the field Tuesday night for what we now know is the final time, Reds fans gave him a warm ovation.

He was the center of a melee between the teams in April, when Puig appeared to take the entire Pirates team by himself near home plate.

The Reds didn’t confirm anything overnight, saying in two separate tweets: “There’s a lotta stuff going on rn," followed by “Don’t ask us.”

And then, they tweeted this:

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