Quick action from 5-year-old son helped save southern Indiana mother’s life

5-year-old saved his moms life

FREETOWN, Ind. (WAVE) - When a southern Indiana mother got sick suddenly with sepsis, brought on by infection, she needed fast help. Her 5-year-old son made a quick call that likely saved her life.

“It could have went downhill real fast,” Paige Bush said.

Bush, her husband and their 5-year-old son, Brylin, are settling back into their routine at home after a frightening few weeks.

Bush works a lawn care and landscaping business, as well as serving with her husband at the town’s volunteer fire department, keeping her busy.

After being diagnosed with both Hemophilia A and Von Willebrand’s Disease at 16, Bush is often in and out of hospitals managing her health. Sometimes, that means a trip up to IU to see her hematologist, but oftentimes the caring staff at Schneck Medical Center in neighboring city Seymour can help to treat her.

Every day, managing her health includes getting infusions through a port. Most days, she said there’s no trouble, but on July 16, something was off. She woke up that morning with a headache, exhausted by the simple task of getting dressed and ready to leave the house with Brylin. Her health was going downhill quickly.

“She got really, really, really, really sick,” Brylin said of his mom’s health that day.

Brylin didn't get scared when making sure his mom got to the hospital.
Brylin didn't get scared when making sure his mom got to the hospital. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

“Up until, even an hour before I got sick, I was still pretty with it," Bush said. “I knew I needed to get him over to my in-laws and I needed to get over to the ER. Then, in a matter of minutes, I couldn’t figure out how to use my cellphone, couldn’t figure out how to drive my truck, I mean stuff that I do on a daily basis.”

Bush loaded Brylin into the truck, ready to get herself medical care, but her illness proved too much. When his mother blacked out, Brylin somehow knew what to do.

“I called my pawpaw to come get her to bring her to the hospital,” Brylin said.

Bush’s father-in-law rushed over, driving her to Schneck Medical Center for help. She said she remembers bits and pieces of what happened after that day, and then waking up in the ICU with her doctor nearby.

Bush recalled what her doctor said: “She said, ‘Paige you’re septic. This isn’t good, this is probably the sickest you’ve been.’”

Sepsis came on quickly from a bacterial infection in her port. Doctors said the situation was serious, that if Brylin or someone else hadn’t been there to make sure she received help, things may be very different today.

“He had told us that, you know, if I hadn’t sought help in the next four to five hours, it could have been a completely different outcome,” Bush said.

As an EMT and firefighter, Bush said she knows just how serious sepsis can be and how quickly symptoms can go from bad, to worse, to deadly.

While Brylin has used Bush and her husband’s phones before, she said he’s never taken her phone to call someone like he did that day.

“Just the simple fact that he was able to do that and didn’t panic. I mean, when I was five I don’t know that, I wouldn’t have freaked out and started crying,” Bush said.

“I didn’t get scared. Some people get scared, right? And big boys don’t,” Brylin said.

Bush said she, her husband and the entire family are very proud of Brylin’s quick action that day in making sure his mother got to a hospital quickly. She said Brylin’s help and the care provided by the staff at Schneck Medical Center is why she’s here now and on the road to recovery.

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