Suspect in officer-involved shooting also wanted in string of robberies dies

Prosecutor says suspect was ‘justifiably shot’ by police

Body cam released of officer-involved shooting in White Oak

WESTWOOD, Ohio (FOX19) - The suspect in an officer-involved shooting that happened July 31 who was also wanted in a string of Tri-State robberies died early Friday morning.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters held a press conference Friday afternoon to discuss the shooting.

Green Township officers shot Robert Schneider after an armed robbery at a Marathon gas station on Cheviot Road that led to a police chase.

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Police say Schneider abandoned his vehicle and ran, pointing a gun at the officers at one point. That’s when officers fired at Schneider, hitting him.

Officers say he told them he would not be taken alive.

Cruiser camera officer involved shooting of man wanted in string of robberies

The shooting happened at Geyer Woods Lane and Werk Road.

“Person who was justifiably shot by police officers died this morning. Because officers have been cleared, we will release body cam and cruiser video today,” said Deters.

He also called him a ‘human crime spree.’

Police say the suspect was wanted for the armed robbery of Hyde Park Wine and Spirits as well as almost a dozen other offenses in three states over the course of that week and the previous week.

Court documents state Robert Anthony Schneider was positively identified through surveillance video and other investigative means as the man who committed the robbery at the liquor store on July 29.

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That same day, Cincinnati Police Sergeant Eric Franz said the man who robbed the liquor store at gun point was also wanted in connection with a robbery at Saks 5th and Kimmy’s Korner Market in Covington that happened earlier that day.

Covington police have also confirmed that Schneider was the same subject they were seeking in connection with the incident at Kimmy’s Korner.

He had a total of eight warrants out for his arrest, officials say.

Video from officer involved shooting with robbery suspect

The day of the shooting, Deters says Schneider ran from officers after ditching his vehicle. He ran through a neighborhood, pointing a gun at officers, and tried to enter a house unsuccessfully.

He then ran across the street and tried to get into another home. The woman inside struggled with Schneider at the door but was able to keep her door closed and prevent him from coming inside.

The officers involved in the shooting are Officers Timothy Bittner and Barbara Aylward with the Green Township Police Department. They not being charged and are scheduled to return to work soon.

Schneider was shot three times in the head, abdomen and leg, a police source said.

“When you think of the hell he [the suspect] put everyone through, he was clearly a menace to society,” Deters said.

Deters said the gun Schneider used was ‘inoperable.'

“It was such a piece of crap,” Deters said of the gun. “Couldn’t even test it at the coroner’s office because they were afraid it would blow up.”

He said it was a real gun, but it was old, broken, and unloaded.

No autopsy has been performed yet, but one is planned.

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