Animal rescue: 6 dogs ‘terribly hurt’ after found neglected in Middletown yard

Rescuers: Dogs were left to die

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (FOX19) - Animal rescuers in Butler County are working tirelessly to save several dogs that they say were injured and abandoned.

Joseph’s Legacy rescue president Meg Melampy said they took in the animals late Friday night and essentially saved them from starvation.

“They’d sat in this hot kennel in the sun with no food or water since 1 o’clock, and this was probably 10 o’clock when we got the call," Melampy said.

Melampy said the dogs’ owner was evicted from a Middletown property on Thursday, and the dogs were left behind. That prompted neighbors to reach out to rescuers who were worried the dogs would die without help.

A Joseph’s Legacy crew teamed up with Riders for Life, a nonprofit motorcycle group, to safely separate the animals.

“That was just so emotional to see so many people there on their motorcycles, and all these just these men and women there," Melampy said.

Of the six dogs, two needed medical care immediately, Melampy said. Finn and Lonnie both had severe wounds that Melampy believes were likely caused by fighting.

“They’re starving to death in stressful conditions," said Melampy. “There were two females who were in heat, and obviously that’s going to cause fighting as well.”

Melampy said that Finn is improving at Grady Vet, but Lonnie has a rough road ahead. He has a condition, vets said, called disseminated intravascular coagulation. It causes him to develop small blood clots. The clots can block small blood vessels, which can lead to excessive bleeding.

On top of his other injuries, rescuers say there’s a 50-50 chance he will survive.

“We don’t know if he’s going to make it," Melampy said. "We’re praying, and we’re just all saddened by him suffering as much as he is.”

Rescuers suspect that the dogs’ owner was a backyard breeder who put the dogs in a dangerous and deadly situation that is avoidable.

“That’s never an excuse just to abandon them with nothing and just wait for them to die and kill each other," Melampy said.

She hopes other pet owners will learn a lesson.,

“Spay and neuter. We don’t need any more dogs to sell them. At least these backyard breeders, we don’t need them," she said. "If you see somebody breeding dogs, selling them in their backyard, I think it needs to be reported.”

Despite what the dogs have been through, rescuers said that all of the dogs are shy and sweet. With some rehabilitation, they will be ready for a new life.

Melampy said they are working with the dog wardens to make sure the owner does not get the dogs back.

They are currently focused on getting them all healthy, in hopes of adopting them.

Joseph’s Legacy asks if anyone is interested in fostering any of the dogs to apply on their website. They are also calling for donations, which can be made via PayPal or through their website.

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