JFS pursuing investigation after video surfaces of woman spanking child at amusement park

JFS investigating after video surfaces of toddler being spanked at Coney Island

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Hamilton County Job and Family Services is pursuing an investigation after an incident involving a toddler being spanked by an adult was caught on camera.

“I just saw this woman just screaming at her child. Gosh, it was a very small toddler and she just started to like hold on his arm and yank him. He was screaming,” a witness who asked not to be identified told FOX19 NOW.

Coney Island sent a statement that reads in part, “Our management was notified and per our protocol immediately called 911. Hamilton County Sheriff’s office showed up, but the woman had already left the park. Our security staff management followed the vehicle in the parking lot and obtained a license number which was shared with the Cincinnati Police Department.”

The representatives for Coney Island said Hamilton County Job and Family Services reached out to them Tuesday for more information. JFS is pursuing their own investigation according to the release.

JFS commended Coney Island, “for following procedures and doing, ‘everything you should have done to help.’”

Cincinnati police said they do have the report, but it has not been assigned to a detective as of Tuesday evening.

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