A nice day to end the work week

Thursday evening forecast for the Tri-State

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The low and high temperatures Friday ware 64° and 87°. The afternoon was warm but the humidity was low and if you like it more is on the way for Friday.

High humidity levels will dominate Saturday but it will ease off a bit Sunday. The humidity will climb towards the torrid zone Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday will be oppressive.

The heat index Sunday will be in the mid 90s. Monday through Wednesday will be oppressive and the heat index will be close to 100° each afternoon.

By the end of next week the air will cool and the humidity will drop.

In the hot air the next seven days a pop-up shower or thunderstorm is possible any afternoon but most of us will not see rain.

Tuesday showers will be more widespread but not everyone will get a good soaking. The general rule for the next ten days is water the lawn and garden if they look dry.

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