Officials warning people to stay out of Little Miami River while crews repair sewer break

Officials: Stay out of Little Miami River

WARREN COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - The Warren County Health District is warning people to stay out of the Little Miami River temporarily due to a sewer main issue.

Officials said a sewer main near Socialville-Foster Road and Old 3C Highway in Warren County is broken and may be leaking, which is likely putting waste in the water.

"We know just downstream is a little landing where people will put in their canoes and access the Little Miami River, and so we wanted to make sure people are aware to be much more careful," said Duane Stansbury, the Warren Co. Health Commissioner.

Stansbury said the Environmental Protection Agency is on site. Crews are working to figure out what happened and what caused it.

Meanwhile, Stansbury and his team are testing the river to monitor bacteria levels.

“We’ll be pulling some water samples upstream and downstream over the next couple days to see if there is any excess E-coli or other types of pathogens in the river,” said Stansbury.

Whatever is in the sewer system could end up pin the river, which Stansbury said, is hazardous for people's health. Parasites and viruses can lead to larger issues like diarrhea, Hepatitis A, or E-Coli.

"Someone living along that sewer line has some other type of disease, once they use the restroom, that could be flushed down into the sewer as well," said Stansbury.

Children, pregnant women and people with a weakened immune system are most at risk of getting sick, according to Stansbury. For now, he recommends staying out of the river until officials deem it safe.

Stansbury said the sewer system could be repaired as soon as Thursday.

Health officials said that anyone who has been in the water recently should watch for symptoms of illness. According to the health district, you should get medical care right away if:

-Your diarrhea is bloody or is not improving after three days

-Your diarrhea is accompanied by fever or chills

-You are dehydrated and showing signs of dehydration such as dry mouth, cracked lips, flushed skin, headache, not sweating, confusion

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