Man eating lunch at Symmes Twp. restaurant helps save cook’s life

Man eating lunch at Symmes Twp. restaurant helps save cook’s life

SYMMES TWP., Ohio (FOX19) - A radiologist who was having lunch last Thursday at The Silver Spring House in Symmes Township helped save one of the restaurant’s cooks.

Scott Byrdwell says his family eats at the restaurant often.

“Next thing you know our waitress is walking by saying they need a doctor. Kind of asked around ‘Is there a doctor? Is there a doctor?’ I said ‘Yeah, I’m a doctor, I’m a radiologist, but yeah I’m a doctor’. So she said ‘Follow me!’"

Byrdwell is not a medical professional who spends time in the emergency room. Walking into the kitchen to find a man passed out on the floor wasn’t exactly what he was expecting.

“I’m thinking this is a serious situation. So, I got over there to him, put him on his back, felt for a pulse. There was no pulse. So, I immediately started doing chest compressions,” Byrdwell said.

It’s a skill Byrdwell hopes more people will learn because it may have been the difference maker for cook Terry Niles.

Byrdwell says he was just the first one there. EMT’s and ER staff all needed to do the right thing with the hope they could give Niles’ family and his co-workers good news.

“They’re teary-eyed and in my mind I’m thinking, I didn’t know what to say, I just felt bad, I felt like ultimately it was going to have a bad outcome,” Byrdwell said.

Niles condition improved day by day and now the staff at The Silver Spring House says he’s already talking about returning to his job of 28 years.

“This is a guy that could have been gone and he’s not and he will be able to see his grandson grow up and be able to spend more time with his wife,” Byrdwell said.

Byrdwell says he’s visited Niles several times in the hospital and it’s amazing to see his recovery. He also hopes that this story will encourage others to learn basic compression and other easy to learn lifesaving measures.

Niles has been transferred out of Bethesda North Hospital into a rehab facility where his recovery is ongoing.

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