Animal rescue fights against animal control for custody of 6 pit bull mixes

Joseph's Legacy fight for custody of dogs

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (FOX19) - A local animal rescue is fighting against animal control for custody of 6 pit bull mixes who were fighting for their lives in locked kennel.

Joseph’s Legacy in Middletown is refusing to give the dogs back to the owners they rescued the dogs from.

“For some reason the animal control officer in Middletown feels it’s best to take the animals back to the previous owner,” Joseph’s Legacy Animal Rescue President Meg Melampy said. “We’re not sure why. We’re told now that he’s not the one to make the call and we’re resting assured that will happen.”

Mulampy says she has managed hundreds of animal rescues in Butler County and says Joseph’s Legacy cannot send the dogs back due to the situation the dogs were in.

“Nobody can tell us that somebody loved these dogs and that they wanted the best and ‘oh my gosh I loved them so much they were my babies,’ I’m sorry look at the health of these babies,” Mulampy said. “They had old injuries new injuries. They were bred to death.”

In a Facebook post, Middletown Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw said he and the Butler County prosecutor agree that the Middletown prosecutor should address the case under law.

He also says the department is full of animal lovers adding “I can tell you personally and as a chief, that the animal cruelty laws in Ohio are way too lenient and they need to be much more harsh.”

From the Chief: One thing I’ve been really proud of that we’ve done is being open and transparent over the past few...

Posted by Middletown Division of Police on Thursday, August 15, 2019

“What we need to do instead of being pissed off at the Middletown police or anybody else, is we need to write our legislators and say ‘hey we need to change the laws,’” Mulampy said. “That’s where our anger needs to be placed.”

Joseph’s Legacy is now waiting for word from animal control, prosecutor’s office and police.

“Our choice was either to let them die or to go in and take the animals,” Mulampy said. “And, we weighed our options and I mean it was just black and white… we’re going to take the animals.”

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