New video shows chase ending in crash in Middletown

Man accused of stealing car, leading police on chase

New video of chase that ended in crash in Middletown

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (FOX19) - A man is accused of stealing a car, leading police on a chase and then causing a four-car crash in Middletown.

Video from Camera Security Now, a company in Middletown, shows a silver Dodge Durango plowing through an intersection and smashing into several vehicles.

It reportedly happened on Saturday afternoon at Ohio 122 and Towne Boulevard in Middletown. Joseph Roberts said the Dodge Durango is his vehicle, but he was not the one driving it at the time.

“Things left me in a little bit of a shock," Roberts said. "It’s just something that you would see on TV, not something you’d think would happen to you.”

Roberts said he reported his vehicle stolen on Saturday morning and was shocked to later learn about where his SUV had ended up.

In the video, several people can be seen rushing over to the crash site after the wreck happened. Meanwhile, police officers are seen chasing the suspect, who had jumped out of the vehicle. The video then shows an officer and a K-9 running after the suspect, through the grass and across the busy road.

The video clip ends with the suspect somehow getting over a railing, dropping to the ground, and taking off.

“A little overwhelming. The rate of the speed that the car was going at was just dangerous and reckless," Roberts said. “After watching, the work that Middletown Police did in trying to pursue him, you know, I was impressed with.”

Roberts said his vehicle appears to be totaled. He is not sure how the man stole his car because he says he still has his keys. He was told that several people were injured, so he wants to see justice served.

“I would definitely like to see him prosecuted if nothing else but for the people who were injured in the accident," Roberts said.

It is not clear if Middletown Police are still looking for the suspect. They have not said whether they have identified the man, and they have not revealed what his possible charges could be.

The conditions of the people who were injured in the crash have not been released.

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