Lakota West student removed from football team after posting ‘vulgar’ harassing, bullying videos online

Student removed from football team after posting ‘vulgar’ harassing, bullying videos online

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Lakota West freshman has been dismissed from the football team after the school said he posted videos online bullying a girl in his class.

That classmate told FOX19 NOW when she said no to his invite to go to homecoming she became a target on a social media smear campaign.

According to the school, 10 other boys are also getting disciplined.

Their principal G. Elgin Card issued a video statement in response saying the students used “vulgar and unacceptable language” toward the female student.

The girl’s parents said they’re considering a restraining order against the boy, whom they say has been stalking and harassing their daughter.

"Constantly calling her, constantly making videos for her, he made a video channel for her on an app,” Emma’s mother Teaera Roland said.

Emma said she met the boy when school started this week.

"The first day of school he would try to hug me, he would tell people I said that I loved him, and that we were dating,” she said. "He would tell people that he was going to do this big extravagant poster, flowers, candy, teddy bears, and I would feel so bad to decline him in front of everybody.”

So she said she told him privately.

“Every boy gets a little upset when they get declined, but he was obsessed with me,” Emma said. “I politely declined, because I didn’t want to make him embarrassed or anything.”

She said he’s known as a class clown, but kids are afraid to go against him because they could get bullied in one of his online videos.

Emma’s father, Keith Kuhn, met with the vice principal on Friday and said he’s worried about his daughter’s safety.

"He said that he had seen the video and it was one of the most appalling things he had seen in his 20-some odd years,” he said. "The fact that he doesn’t seem to understand the word no or stop.”

The entire statement from Principal Card reads:

“We are extremely disappointed in the actions of our students who were involved in the making of this video. This is not the Lakota way. We view this type of behavior as harassment and bullying, and it will not be tolerated at any of our schools.

We learned about the video at the same time it was posted on social media last night. This morning, the Lakota West principal, along with his administrative team and head football coach, met with the students in the video and the entire freshman football team. They expressed their disappointment and emphasized that this type of behavior is not acceptable.

The student responsible for creating & posting the video is facing disciplinary action in accordance with the Lakota Student Code of Conduct and has also been dismissed from the freshman football team. The other students involved, including the ones who stood by and did not stop the recordings, will also face serious consequences.”

The parents said they are meeting with the principal on Monday.

“Lakota West and all Lakota schools will not tolerate inappropriate student behavior, especially where it disparages another student,” school officials said.

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