Ride for Peace advocates ‘live instead of rest in peace’

Ride for Peace advocates ‘live instead of rest in peace’
Ride for Peace advocates ?live instead of rest in peace?

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A major push in several communities are calling for an end to all the gun violence were all part of the Ride for Peace.

Crystal Barnett said she lost her brother, Rico, to gun violence and his murder remains unsolved.

“We’re just here, trying to keep his name and his face in the community. So if anyone sees anything or knows anything, please speak up," she said.

Mitchell Morris, Jr. is one of the organizers with Cincinnati Works as part of the Phoenix Program. He’s a street advocate and said many people have no idea how much help is out there and that they don’t need to turn to violence.

“I come out in the community and go to where people really wouldn’t show their faces, to talk to people that people wouldn’t really talk to unless we were out here and we let them know, someone loves you. There’s something else you can do, other than what you’re doing," he said.

Antonio Hearston said people need to make some noise and show support for non-violence.

“It feels good to be a part of it, feels good to be a part of something that supports non-violence, supports the kids. Just getting together and seeing there’s more to life than being out here on these streets," he said.

One of the organizers, Pastor Ennis Tait, said there have been more than 40 funeral processions for victims of gun violence in Cincinnati this year.

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