Service dog attacked with irritant at Kenwood Towne Centre

Service dog attacked with irritant

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A service dog is recovering after someone sprayed her with an irritant at the Kenwood Towne Centre on Tuesday.

Emily Daniels, her friend Shayna and some other friends with service dogs were at Hot Topic when they noticed a man trying to pet Lucy, but instead sprayed her.

“I noticed there was a weird smell, maybe an overpowering gross cologne," Daniels said.

She said she saw something in the man’s hand.

“It was like a little black box he took and he shoved it in his pocket real quick, right as she was sneezing," Daniels said.

Daniels said Lucy’s eyes began dilating and face started to swell as she was shaking.

“She’s just freaked out. We’re trying to touch her face - she freaked out... in so much pain,” she said.

They took her straight to the ICU where she ended up having to get her eyes, ears and nose flushed.

Daniels says the doctor at Central Care in Sharonville did find something, but with all the flushing could not determine what the substance was.

She said she has Lucy for mobility reasons, as well as for medical alert and response.

“They save our lives every day. They’re not just dogs, best friends, they’re not family - they’re lifelines," Daniels said.

The sheriff’s office told FOX19 NOW the report is not complete yet and it’s unknown if they’ve connected with the man accused of doing this or are still trying to track him down.

Daniels said when they do she wants him held responsible for the vet bill.

She also says attacking a service dog is a second degree misdemeanor in Ohio.

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