Police: Nearly naked man beats on door of Colerain Twp. home

Nearly naked man beats on door of Colerain Twp. home

COLERAIN TWP., Ohio (FOX19) - A nearly naked man beat on the doors of a Colerain Township home Wednesday and claimed, according to the family, that werewolves and vampires were trying to bite him.

Neighbors called police before 6 a.m, saying a guy was acting strangely, looking into cars, talking erratically to people who were not there and taking his clothes off.

Then, 30-year-old Jahmare Arnold began beating on Sandra Earls back door.

“I really didn’t want to go to the door,” admitted Earls. “I didn’t want to know what was going on.”

In their incident report, Colerain Township Police said Arnold admitted to being on multiple kinds of drugs, but would not reveal what he had taken.

Police said he was, “high and disoriented, while taking his clothes off”.

“He was seeing werewolves, vampires, sworn they were out to eat him! and Trying to bite him and everything! And he was just running all over the place, he was out of his mind!” Earls said.

She said Arnold was yelling and screaming for her daughter.

“And it’s like ok, she’s not here, why are you doing this?” asked Earls. “And he was running around the house and all kinds of commotion going on and stuff.”

In the police report, it said Arnold was, “sweating heavily and talking non-stop, behaving erratically and seeing things”.

"I come through the kitchen, I seen flashlights, I thought aha! Police are here!," she said, but Earls hadn’t called police. Her neighbors had already beat her to it, hearing all noise so early in the morning.

"They didn’t know if he was just trying to break into the house or what he was doing,” Earls said.

"He better not come knocking on my door nekkid!” said a neighbor in the Northbrook neighborhood who wanted to remain anonymous.

"This guy comes over frequently,” a neighbor said. “They always argue in the yard, he always seems to me like he's high on something going on there."

"Drunk or disoriented, walking around,” said another neighbor. “Going back into the house or getting kicked out."

"He could be on anything,” a neighbor said. “It's a shame that there's so many drugs out here, he could be on oxycodone, speed, heroin, but he usually comes around here, disturbing the peace, with that resident, he doesn't really bother everybody else."

Earls said Arnold called and apologized. He claimed that police took him to Mercy West and claimed he was going into anaphylactic shock, that he had had a reaction to medication.

But nowhere in the police report could FOX19 NOW find any evidence of that. It states police arrested Arnold, then booked him into the Hamilton County Justice Center and charged him with disorderly conduct while intoxicated.

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